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ESF Readiness Questionnaire

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The aim of this ESF Readiness Questionnaire is to:

  • Assess how ready you are to apply for, receive and manage ESF funds
  • Help you as a potential applicant to make an informed decision on whether or not to apply and how to structure your project/partnership
  • Identify areas where you may need to pay particular attention in the bidding and project management process and areas where you may wish to seek support and training

This is not a quiz to test your knowledge. It is not part of the application or assessment process. There are lots of things you need to think about as you develop your project and this questionnaire is designed to help you consider them all.

It doesn’t matter what you score. What matters is that you think about the issues covered in the questions and how you can address them in your project and application.

This is not to test whether your project idea will be eligible for BBO funding - that is a separate purpose (via a project outline).  This ESF Readiness Questionnaire is just to help you identify some of the specific issues that ESF funding brings and help you to decide how ready you are to receive ESF.

The extent to which you are ESF-ready will not affect the Big Lottery Fund’s assessment of your project outline. Likewise, a project outline well received by the Big Lottery Fund does not necessarily mean that your organisation is ready to receive ESF.

Whilst BBO funding is being distributed by the Big Lottery Fund, the terms and conditions of funding are very different from any grants you may have received previously from the Big Lottery Fund. For organisations that have received funding from the Big Lottery Fund before, you will not be able to manage your BBO project in the usual way.

Don’t panic if your score is low - this doesn’t rule you out from applying or receiving a grant. There is also a range of support available (for ESF project lead organisations)  from the Big Lottery Fund, RSM and Ecorys right through the application and delivery process to help you and your organisation to develop the skills to manage a BBO funded project successfully.

Who should complete the questionnaire?

The questionnaire is designed to work on an organisational basis so complete it from an organisational perspective, not based on your individual skills or experiences.  Any organisation that is considering whether to apply for ESF or to be involved in an ESF partnership should complete the questionnaire.  

Please complete it once only.

You may wish to visit our resources section for further support materials.